Saturday, April 13, 2013

Springtime Fun

Over the past few weekends, we have had a wonderful taste of springtime weather.  After tons of rain and some fairly cold weather, we have been outside soaking up the perfect temperatures and sunny skies.  Sydney's favorite phrase has become "I'm thinking we could play outside for a little bit".  She says it when returning home from errands, after her nap, and when she finishes eating.  I am so glad she enjoys being outside.

We have taken advantage of the weather by going to several of the parks near our house.  We have especially come to enjoy going to the Yates Mill Pond Park.  Sydney loves looking at the waterfall, and they have great hiking trails. 

Using a hiking stick

Yates Mill Waterfall

Sydney and Daddy

Taking a hike

Hiking with Daddy

Happy girl!

Another favorite for Sydney is quickly becoming 'football'.  Football to Sydney is her daddy kicking the ball "high into the sky" while Sydney then chases it down and brings it back to him so he can do it again. This game has provided many laughs when the ball gets stuck in trees or gutters.  :)

Chasing down the football



Bringing Daddy the football


Sunday, March 17, 2013


While we had an overall mild winter, we did have a couple of days with winter weather.  I am not the biggest fan of winter, so I'm ok with the fact we didn't have a ton of snow, but I do wish we had gotten a few good inches for Sydney to experience sledding and snowman building.  The couple of days that it did snow, it didn't stick, but Sydney enjoyed looking at it.  Maybe next year...

Yes, that really is snow

Checking out the snow


Happy Valentine's Day!

This year Sydney loved telling everyone "Happy Valentine's Day", and continued saying it for several days afterward.  We had fun making cookies and decorating them with friends as well as giving and receiving Valentines.  As sappy as it is, I love any reason for telling each other how much love we have!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Flowers from Daddy
T-rex shirt!

A Valentine for Daddy

Decorating cookies with friends